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Title : Liquid Horizons

Vote average : 7.6 / 10
Total : 8 votes, see below

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Credits :
Composed and recorded/mixed by Herten

Length : 03:40
Release date : July 2004
Style : Electronic
Album : none

Description :
This tune was originally made for a diving movie shot in the Galapagos Islands (an incredible place by the way), on beautiful scenes including more than dozens of sharks passing by really close to us scuba-divers. Unfortunately due to a very tight schedule, an unfinished and not-mixed version of this tune was included in the movie.

Anyway, here's my first tune after this very long music break (almost 2 years !), which is also my first tune composed with the amazing Access Virus C synth ever. All instruments are from the Virus except for the drums, which come from the Roland XP80 and the Bass&Drums expansion board.
I hope you'll enjoy it ! Feel free to use the voting system to express your vote and comment on this tune.

Equipment used :
- Access Virus C
- Roland XP-80 (+ Expansion boards)
- Yamaha AW4416
- Alesis RA-100
- Tannoy Reveal Passive monitors

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Name : Magnum_Opus (or Chris will do)

Vote : 10 / 10

Location Petts Wood, UK
Date 2004-08-24 22:13:35
Comment nice track herten, really nice, i prefer the start to the middle bit - but a song has to develop so i enjoyed that. I really struggle to find synth sounds which sound natural (if you know what i mean), then again i only have a midi controller and Cubase! So i only have midi to play with. How much did it cost for you to set-up your site, and your all of your tech? send me an email if you can help me.

Name : Damocles
Vote : 8 / 10

Location France
Date 2004-07-27 12:14:51
Comment Magnifique ,bien je n'aime pas trop le début: je le trouve trop décalé par rapport au reste du morceau et un peu long. L'ensemble est très décontractant ! Merci beaucoup et tous mes encouragements pour la suite!

Name : pere

Vote : 6 / 10

Location barcelona
Date 2004-07-27 11:13:46
Comment I have a Virus-K-C, but my goal is to make Dance and trance music. It seems the easiest way to compose but it is not, taking in consideration that you have to produce a lot of events to keep alive the relation between music and body movement.
I like your substained sounds and the quality is excellent, but I am not convinced at all of the combination between static sound´s lines and rithm. With a rithm groove box and a virus-K-C. I am sure that Stravinsky would make dance music. Webern instead would ignore the rithm to concentrate on statics sounds.
anyway, congratulation for the quality of your sounds.

Name : 3Dan
Vote : 10 / 10

Location Genève/ Suisse
Date 2004-07-26 11:11:00
Comment Cette musique est relaxante, planante.
Très bons sons, bonne mélodie... bref une musique de qualité professionnelle.
Bravo Mr. H !

Vivement la prochaine musique :-)


Name : dj@work
Vote : 10 / 10

Location Geneva
Date 2004-07-26 10:51:15
Comment Sans contestation possible; la meilleure !!!!

[E-mail] [Web Site]

Vote : 10 / 10

Location London UNITED KINGDOM
Date 2004-07-25 23:18:25
Comment Very nice track. Its good to see someone use the Virus for something other than Dance/trance. Some nice sounds there. I myself have a Virus KC and like to use it for digital sounds and some complicated 'analog' type stuff....that isnt possible on the old analogs. Check my website out if you want to hear some synth demos :).

Just to add, I like the spacy intro to your track. Generally a good atmosphere. Let me know if you want to do patch swaps as im a designer on the Virus C. Id like to hear some of my sounds in your tracks. Take care...c u


Name : Nono

Vote : 10 / 10

Location France
Date 2004-07-25 22:23:37
Comment J'adore toujours, ça fait planer c'est trop bien :)
C'est magnifique ça fait rêver ^^

Name : alex

Vote : 8 / 10

Location Belgium
Date 2004-07-25 21:16:31
Comment very relaxing, nice
I have a virus C too, I ll prefer another lead sound more like a bell or choir


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