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"Ethereal Visions" - demo CD

Tracks listing :

Ethereal Visions (3:48) - more info
Sea of Eternity (4:35) - more info
Escape from Shadows (4:28)- more info
Into the Wrecks (5:33)- more info
Back to Reality (5:09)- more info

All Songs are protected by Suisa

Credits :

© April 2002 - Composed and Produced by Herten
Cover design and artwork by
Thierry Clauson / Atelier Clauson
Pressed at CD Press SA

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Other projects

Planned / in progress Projects

2004 *in progress* :

A new CD (no name yet, but on the theme of scuba-diving) with several musicians / singers

2004 *in progress* :

Music collaboration with Music4Pro

Previous Projects

October 2003 :

2 short movies (one about Cenotes diving in Yucatan / Mexico, the other about Geneva's Lake depths aboard the FA Forel sub-marine), featuring 3 musics of mine as well as my voice for commentaries, will be presented at the Antibes' World Festival of Underwater Pictures 2003, and take part to the B Category contest.
October 2002 : The "Une Histoire de Gueuse" movie, including my music of the same name, was presented at the Antibes' World Festival of Underwater Pictures 2002.

April 2002 :

Released the Ethereal Visions demo CD !

January-February 2002 :

Arranged the "Une Histoire de Gueuse" music to fit the long version of ca. 25 minutes of the documentary by Susanne Jegge.

November-December 2001 : Composed a background music "Une Histoire de
" (synchronized with the picture) for a freediving documentary, produced by Susanne Jegge.
It should hopefully be broadcasted in a TV channel in the near future.
May 2001 : Composed a background music "Into the Wrecks" for a diving amateur movie shot in the Red Sea, produced by Christel Hassler.
June-August 2000 : Worked on Ange's demo CD "Believe" : co-composed 3 songs called "Michelange", "Gerbera" and "Kodomo", all in Japanese-Rock style.