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  Name Alain
  Birthday November 23rd
  Location Geneva / Switzerland
  Spoken languages French, English and German
  Current job Java and Web Developer
  Hobbies Music, scuba diving, sports (running, Squash, swimming, Badminton) and travelling around the world !

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Well, I think it's the right place for me to write a story about me and my 'musical' life, what do you think ? Otherwise if you're not interested, skip this page or quickly read between the lines :-) Here we go :


Once upon a time there was that 14 years old kid (that's me...) who received the good old Commodore 64 computer for his birthday. He played with games and stuff for a while, but one great day he thought to himself : "Why wouldn't I make a game on my own, too ?". And that's what he did : he started learning coding in Basic then in Assembler, tried to paint some characters (which proved to be very ugly...) and coded the first scenes of his martial art game. Everything was going fine, but something was missing : the Sound of course ! And that's where his musical life really started...

Back to 1st person : from 1985 to 1994 I composed more than 250 tunes (C64 page) for groups, demos, intros and a few games.
Around 1990 I bought an Amiga 500 and discovered the great sound capabilities of this machine. I started composing with Trackers and made several tunes for demos or simply for myself (Amiga page), until I bought a PC 486 DX2 with a Gravis Ultrasound on 1994... At that time I was composing on all 3 machines at the same time. I also received the Yamaha PSR410 as a birthday gift from my girlfriend Christel, that was my first synthesizer !
Around 1995 I sold the Amiga (I got rid of the C64 around 1996) and continued composing on ScreamTracker on PC for a bit more than a year (PC Page). During the Amiga & PC period, we started with some friends of mine a few game projects where I made several musics for, but we unfortunately never managed to finish any of them.

During 1997 I bought my first 'music workstation' synthesizer, the great Roland XP-80, already having in mind to release tunes on the market. But due to lack of time and other reasons I let my dream sleep for a while :-)

And here we arrive in year 2000. I bought additional equipment and started composing more seriously than ever, actively taking part to 3 songs for Ange's first music demo (Audio page) and preparing my own demo for the close future too, hoping for a contract to be signed maybe, who knows ?
I also started to put my fingers on the Mixing and Mastering world since I bought that awesome Yamaha AW4416 Digital Studio, therefore I do everything by myself : composing, arranging, mixing (EQ, effects, compression, etc) and mastering.

I didn't talk about solfege, harmony, instrument courses or the like, you might have wondered about that. Well the reason is simple : I didn't take any course at all ! I actually learned to compose through practicing, listening to other musics (CDs and C64 musics) and trying to do the same by myself... You might notice if you browse my C64 tunes that I did several conversions of existing famous songs : that was for me a good way of learning, among others.
Now you know : I compose everything by ears. Actually I started only a few weeks ago to attend to private harmony courses, in order to enhance my musical views and knowledge... Self-teaching is great, but being aware of what already exists in the music world for centuries isn't bad at all, or what do you think ? ;-)

That's it ! For those who have read the whole story until the end : Thank you for your patience ! Drop me an E-mail if you got a similar experience or just wish to chat a while.

(Written June 2001)


Now I've just released my first demo CD called "Ethereal Visions". Of course what I'm hoping for is to have a deal with a major, label or a TV channel in order to either compose musics for documentaries, or even better to release a commercial CD. Still if it doesn't succeed, I have lotsa other interesting projects to focus on which will make me improve on the different composing styles, as well as on my skills as an amateur Mixing Engineer.
Lots of things are awaiting ahead, it's just the beginning !!

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