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I've composed 31 finished modules exactly and about 10 unfinished ones. Here I compiled only those I like most.
For those who don't know, a module consisted of a 4-track (nowadays modules have much more tracks available) music with sampled instruments. Therefore quality wasn't best when a sample was played octaves higher or lower, and also because of the low sampling rates used (lack of memory otherwise). But effects and possibilities were huge !

In order to listen to these tunes you will need XMPlay, Winamp or another .mod player. Here you can download one of the following (i'd recommend XMPlay for modules, though) :

XMPlay v1.7
Nullsoft Winamp v2.76 Full

Module Name Length Finished date Comments

Gods' Rhythm 2'14" 1st-Dec-1994 Last finished tune on Amiga (for an unreleased beat-them-up game).
Music Contest 3'23" 17th-Oct-1994 Made for a French magazine contest. I never got any reply from them, they died shortly after by the way...
The Third Form 4'37" 4th-Sep-1994 One of my first attempts in making a "rock" music. Samples are average, but I like it anyway ! That tune was made after I saw a picture of one of my favourite Japanese Manga at that time (guess which one ?).
Sadness 4'55" 27th-Aug-1994 Sad tune, end of summer was near you know ;-)
Growing Pain 4'36" 25th-Jun-1994 Slow beginning, but speeds up afterwards, nice rhythms and changes.
Countris 2'11" 5th-Dec-1992 Music (+ 2 jingles, at the end of the module) made for a game called Countris, coded by Marc "Countzero" Schefer. Great game, Marc :-)
Sacred Temple 2'54" 29th-May-1992 Check this one out ! Nice atmosphere.
Tears of Revenge 4'00" 17th-May-1992 Personally one of my best tunes ever made on Amiga. Listen to it entirely, as changes occur during the tune !
Falcon's Flight 2'02" 24th-Nov-1991 Just a short tune...

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