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C64 SID Musics

First of all a big Thank You to Peter Sandén for converting all my old c64 disks and musics to PC. I'm glad to be able to look at what I did during ca. 10 years (more than 250 musics), making me remember the good old times ;-)

Now, you have 3 possibilities to listen to my tunes :

1) Browse through the catalog at the HVSC web site, then select which tune you wish to listen to :

  Direct search for my SID musics in HVSC

2) OR directly download some of my favourite tunes here (A-Z order) :

  Aars Party Nostalgy
  Destruction Nothing Else Matters / Metallica
  Elites Peaceful
  Farewell Slow Motion
  Go to War Soccer Game - Title Zak
  Harmonious So Unreal
  Heal the World / Michael Jackson Speed Game
  Let's Rule The Murderer
  Nightmares The Party 1993
  Noisy Crap The Riddle / Nik Kershaw

  Zip file containing all the upper tunes

3) OR download the whole zip file that contains all my tunes (257 exactly) :

  Zip file containing ALL 257 TUNES (603 KB size)

In any case, you'll need a SID player to listen to these musics. You can download one of the following or go to the HVSC web site in the Players section :

  Sidplay v.2001-05-03 for Windows (recommended)
  SidAmp v1.34 - Plug-in for Winamp 2.0+