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I didn't compose that much music on the PC. Actually I started a lot of them for projects, but didn't finish most of them, also because the projects didn't end either. Here you have some of them, don't worry if they end a bit weird...
.s3m modules' principle is the same as .mod's, except that there are more tracks (8, 16 or even more) and effects available.

In order to listen to these tunes you will need XMPlay, Winamp or another .s3m player. Here you can download one of the following (i'd recommend XMPlay for modules, though) :

XMPlay v1.7
Nullsoft Winamp v2.76 Full

Module Name Length Finished date Comments

The Final Onslaught 5'31" 3rd-Oct-1995 My last complete tune on PC, for an unfinished Real-Time Strategy game (Retaliate)
The Shaman - Shaman's Requiem 3'25" 24th-Aug-1995 3rd and final song of The Shaman - a CD especially made for my girlfriend Christel's birthday
The Shaman - Dancing with Magic 4'33" 23rd-Aug-1995 2nd song of The Shaman
The Shaman - The Genesis 3'49" 23rd-Aug-1995 Overture song of The Shaman (my CD's favorite !)
Time Chase - Chaos 4'42" 14th-July-1995 Unfinished game tune (Time Chase)
Time Chase - Welcome 5'43" 13th-Jun-1995 Unfinished game tune (Time Chase)
Roland Remix 3'38" 5th-Jun-1995 A kind of techno remix of the old Roland song. This track looks a lot like Robert Miles' tunes, but it was done a long while before !
Techno Event 4'54" June 1995 Another techno tune, which was used at a Techno party in the "Ancient Palais", Geneva
Time Chase - Level 1 6'20" 28th-May-1995 Unfinished game tune (Time Chase)
Time Chase - Game Over 2'29" 20th-May-1995 Unfinished game tune (Time Chase)
Savages in Town 2'56" 12th-Apr-1995 A "Hard Core" Techno tune attempt. Actually I don't like it, but...
Adrenaline 1'00" 22nd-Mar-1995 My real first techno attempt.
Time Chase - Perfect City 5'11" 10th-Mar-1995 Unfinished game tune (Time Chase)

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