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December 25th 2004 Merry Christmas and happy new year 2005 !
July 25th 2004 New tune called Liquid Horizons
New voting system and pages redesign
December 24th 2003 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !
October 31st 2003 Taken part to the Antibes' World Festival of Underwater Pictures 2003 with 2 short movies made by my girlfriend Christel, including musics of mine and my voice for background commentaries.
April 4th 2003 Updated the Planned Projects (Music4Pro collaboration, new full CD production, whole web site relooking into Flash and PHP), Who Am I and Links pages.
August 9th 2002 - bimonthly track : 'Escape from Shadows', 3rd track of the 'Ethereal Visions' demo CD.
- Links page relooked and many new links added, more accurately sorted.
May 22nd 2002

- new bimonthly track : 'Into the Wrecks', which is the 4th track of the 'Ethereal Visions' demo CD
- new equipment purchased (Access Virus C, Midiman's Midisport 4x4 interface) !
- updated the DHTML scroller (to v1.4) on the home page
- added an order form for the 'Ethereal Visions' demo CD in the contact page
- and as usual, new links added

April 20th 2002

- updated the sound clips for Into the Wrecks' and 'Back to Reality' songs.
- the flash intro had also some minor bugs and glitches : now all fixed !
- updated the 'Who am I' (with a new picture of mine there, taken in the Maldives Islands last January), 'Audio tracks' and 'Projects' pages to more accurate information
- updated the CD's cover illustration (Projects page)
- added several links (friends and audio related)

April 4th 2002 - "Ethereal Visions" demo CD released !
- CD's sound clips added (Projects page) in MP3 format
- Site's minor redesign
- New Flash Intro by Daniel Moia
- added a Projects page
March 12th 2002 - New bimonthly track : "Ethereal Visions", the 1st track of the upcoming demo CD of the same name.
- New Links added
February 9th 2002 At last I've made a Guestbook (under PHP) for this site ! Please feel free to write something down about the web site or the musics, that would be very nice !
The demo CD "Ethereal Visions" is still well on the way, so stay tuned ! Register to the Newsletter if you wish to be quickly notified.
January 23rd 2002 - The track's upload cycle has changed ! A new track will be available for download every 2 months. BUT this track will be fully produced (mixed and mastered), which was not always the case before, resulting in lower quality tracks.
- New bimonthly track for January-February period : Une Histoire de Gueuse - Main Tune, a music done for a TV documentary about apnea.
December 22nd 2001 - New track of the month : Kodomo, an old song release
- New Links added
November 22nd 2001 - C64 page updated (HVSC Search URL)
- Equipment page updated (new software)
- New Links added
October 22nd 2001 - Homepage updated, with this DHTML vertical scroller coded by myself.
- New track for October, called 'Escape from Shadows'. Check it out, it's quite a nice tune.
September 15th 2001 - Audio page updated (Personal Opinion, September Track, etc.)
August 30th 2001 - New Equipment added (Roland Expansion Boards) !
- Links page updated
August 4th 2001 C64 page big update !
August Track of the Month added
New Links added
July 27th 2001 Added new Links
"News Archive" added
Translated "Who Am I ?" into French
July 14th 2001 NewsLetter created
July 4th 2001 Herten Web site is published !